Roy Roy

Would you rather go to a University or a community college?

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Tom  Jackson Profile
Tom Jackson answered

I wouldn't trade a university education for anything, but for picking up specific skills, one cannot beat a community college course or series of courses depending on your interests.

Further, community colleges target a number of their degrees to the local job market requirements.

Depens on what you want and how far you want to go.

LiftedTruck Redneck Profile

I currently go to community college. I don’t like large groups of people and I am able to get a degree for free through the community college, due to how poor our area is.

Toni Pauze Profile
Toni Pauze answered

What’s a big college?

I went to a local one I’m good with that.

My granddaughter just graduated from VMI (Virginia Military Institute) with honors.

What’s the difference?

Karl Sagan Profile
Karl Sagan answered

I was advised to go to university. They told me that it gives more opportunities but it's harder to study. Thankfully, I know about services like which help students with their assignments. So you won't need to worry about some of the upcoming difficulties at university.

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