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What are your thoughts on Climate change? How should we proceed?


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We should always be trying to improve and preserve the environment while minimizing our negative impact on it. We shouldn't need apocalyptic predictions to motivate us to do so. I don't care whether climate change is human-caused or not. We should still be doing things that make the earth a better place to live.

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True. Yet we still have those who stupidly deny its even going on.
Like so much else in the human domain, ignorance and cognitive dissonance are strangling our efforts to provide for our collective best interests.
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I believe Climate Change is caused by Human. I believe Men drilling for oil can cause Climate change . I believe years ago , the Clairton Pennsylvania Steel Mills closed down cause it was causing Climate change and this happened Sept 29, 1982 , My dad loss his job due to this and as time went out my cousin loss his job too. Some people blamed Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan but i highly doubt it.  Look how many coal mines closed down , i believe they are related to Climate change and my late Paternal Grand-dad worked for coal mine , he use to walk on his knees inside the coal mine and developed arthritis in his knees but he passed due to Congestive Heart Failure .

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Darren Wolfgang
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Please correct me if I'm wrong cause i like to know new things you just never know , thank you :)
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The climate has been drastically affected by the huge influx of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases like methane over the last 150 years or so. The rate of carbon added to our biosphere is accelerating.

Combine that with the deforestation of TRILLIONS of trees and loss of countless acres of greenery that once filtered carbon from the atmosphere.
This is the crux of the problem.

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