To all you friends that answered my questions, please forgive me for not commenting. I lost my glasses so fell behind?


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Nothing to forgive. Happens a lot to people. Hope you found them.

I had a high school teacher who announced " Nobody is leaving this classroom until I get my eyeglasses back ! "

There was silence for quite a while as we watched him search for them. Then slowly there were a few giggles from my classmates until everyone was onto it and roaring with laughter.

Seems he had pushed/stashed them up on his head. ☺

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Glad you found them. 

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Welcome back Joyce , glad you found your glasses :) :)

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Darren Wolfgang
Darren Wolfgang commented
Aww sorry Joyce . I know it's horrible especially when there is lack of medical health insurance to cover eye glasses :(
Joyce Hall
Joyce Hall commented
A few more years and I can get medicare. I had to lie about my age. I'm actually 29. :-)
Darren Wolfgang
Darren Wolfgang commented
Yeah i see Joyce , i know how that goes . We have terrible medical insurance .

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