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I need to talk to my neighbor. She won't call me back. She has her boyfriend call me?


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Some people have a harder time dealing with issues of confrontation with others. See what the boyfriend has to say. 🤔

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You need to leave her alone, if she's having her boyfriend call you she obviously wants nothing to do with you.

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There's nothing we can do when someone doesn't want talk to us if people don't want bother with me I'm not sweating the little stuff about it I'm moving about my business . If she has her boyfriend call you she doesn't want talk to you or your being a burden . I will bet 9 chances out of 10 your a Male behind your username on here , why can't guys get the hint hey YOU DON'T WANT TO BE BOTHERED she's happily taken get over it  and move on with life . If your a Female behind your username than sorry for my mistake but still she doesn't want be neighborly or friends . It's happened to me and people done me dirty but Karma comes back in two's , three's never failed to see it happen but my advice is you can't make people like us we can't make miracles happen with the snap of our fingers. People will be people why try when you know it's a losing battle Judas Priest .

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Why happened between the two of you? Something must have
triggered this behaviour, so try to find out what. If you wish to speak to her
to solve this issue, then give her some time. Maybe she needs some space. Try
to talk to her boyfriend. He can possibly give you a hint.

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