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My mom told me she had an anxiety attack when I was 4 so I guess I’m not alone in this?


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u should hold hands with her

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Meagan, I am not normally one who let's things get to me. I am usually the one who says, "Ok we have a problem. Now what do we do to solve it?" Then I make a plan and solve it. Even being that type of person, I have been overwhelmed to the point of a panic attack. It can happen to anyone. My problem was the job and the pressure it was putting me under. I changed jobs.

Even today if I feel stress building I have learned to take a step back and breathe. Then move forward. You might want to try getting a Fitbit, or something similar. It has a relax mode. Once you start it it gets you to focus on your breathing. And that is all you focus on. If you do that when you start feeling stressed before the panic attack starts you can learn to curb the attacks. I know it works because my husband had panic attacks and it helped him.

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