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Is it possible to connect a laptop to a monitor via usb?


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Use the HDMI ports and a cable and it'll work great. Forget bothering with USB crap.

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As far as I remember, my friends connected the macbook to the monitor using usb. By the way, now I also have a macbook. I thought I couldn't afford it, but I found a great one at the refurbhished macbooks UK website. It's a professionally refurbished macbook that works great but it's 30% cheaper. I think it's a very good buy.

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Well , this link leads to YouTube video where a Man shows how to hook a Laptop to a USB  Here is some other information :

Can you hook a monitor up to a laptop?

Most computers have the VGA, DVI and HDMI connection ports with some laptops coming with thunderbolt, USB ports and an HDMI adapter only. ... If it has HDMI, then use an HDMI cable to connect the monitor to the HDMI port on the computer. The same applies to any port and cable you may have.

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Well I suppose it is possible but you'd need something like a female usb to usb lead. At that point it's more logical to buy the actual cable you need weather that;'s VGA or HDMI.

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