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Right handed and I prefer to cook the Chateaubriand cut from the tenderloin as a roast rather than cut it into steaks.

I only eat Prosciutto when it's on the salad bar, and not many restaurants that I eat at have it on the salad bar.

Interesting site:

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I like some soft rock, and R&B-pop like Jennifer Lopez,  Destiny's Child, TLC etc... I  like the funky/cheesy-pop stuff from the 90's and early 2000's,  I really like the euro disco sound.. I like some 50 cent  stuff (and others of that genre).  But my all time favourite singer would be Avril Lavigne.

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Oh yes.  I once owned a couple of laundromats .... You wouldn't believe what people do to a machine that isn't their own!  Beach towels full of sand, nut shells, 3 or 4 loads stuffed into one machine (and back then, unrinsed cloth diapers). 

At home, I've always been able to use a washer and … Read more