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My freezer door was left open and most food is thawed, is it safe to refreeze it?


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I wouldn't chance it. It's not worth it if you get salmonella poisoning on TOP of the overworked hospitals!

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I would refrigerate the items that are thawed and cook as much of it as I can use.  You may not be able to salvage everything, but it's better than risking your health.

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I have thawed out half of my Groundmeat and refreeze the other half and later we ate it with no issues . Also if your freezer door was open for 6 hours you can still refreeze the stuff and eat it but i would just use your own judgement .

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Straight Edge  Society
We woke up a little bit colder than usual this morning. It turns out the freezer door was left open overnight, and we didn’t even notice until we went to grab our lunch. If the same thing happens to you, don’t panic. Just walk yourself through these few steps to keep your food safe and your fridge or freezer happy.

Check the Food
Depending on the temperature of the food and how long it went without refrigeration, it could all still be safe to eat. Use a food thermometer to measure the temperature on the inside of your food. If it’s below 41°F, it’s safe to eat. If not, it could still be OK, as long as it’s only been above 41°F for less than 2 hours. If you don’t know for sure, the best idea is to shed a wasteful tear and toss it.

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