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Can seven be a name?


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PJ Stein answered

It is the name of a jeans company. Pretty much anything can be a name. Kim Kardashian and Kenye West named their daughter North. But do you really want to do that to a child? (I am presuming it is a child and not a pet.)

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Well , i had a late Dog and her name was Heaven

i ran into this Girl whom was working at our local Walmart

and believe it or not her name was Heaven

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David and Victoria Beckham named their daughter Harper Seven. Seven was David's jersey number when he played for Man U. I've also heard of a few others who used it as a first or middle name. Also "Eleven" is a character in Stranger Things. I think numbers for names are not too common but not unheard of either.

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Ray Dart answered

The Arabs (or was it the Greeks?) decided that Zero was actually a number some time ago, and it's been used as a name ever since. If you can call someone Zero, you can certainly use the name Seven, and it's rather nice. Many years ago the (since-disgraced as a paedophile) TV presenter Jimmy Savile interviewed a child on his programme called "Blue", she had sisters called "Sky" and "Day".  I think days of the week make nice names too. Many a teenaged boy had a picture of Tuesday Weld on his wall back in the 60s.

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