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Are you glad you didn’t grow up the time your grandparents did?


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Kinda  wish that I did grow up in their time , i'm sad knowing that I'm the last (outer edge) of a liveable generation, People 80 years from now are gonna have extreme rent prices, More homelessness, More demand for houses and food, Atomic bombs that can blow up entire countries (9-11 is nothing compared to what future generations are going to go to experience), 60 years ago when my dad was a kid- the earth had  2 billion people, it has since raised to 6 billion, just imagine 60 years from now when it raises to 20billion, See how chaotic it will be then. Humans are going to kill themselves off in 100 years from now. Climate change, atomic wars, outrageous rent and food prices. There's no possible way that this planet is gonna last another 150 years at the absolute most. I would be surprised 100 hears max, Our grandparents had it way effing better than anything that the future generations are going to have. 

This generation is the outer fringes of a liveable era as ive mentioned, I'm glad that I'll be gone in 30-40 years before things become super bad. I yearn for the future generations, especially since they are going to experience catastrophes 6,000x worse than what happened to the twin tower. 

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Not really.  I actually loved growing up in the 50's and 60's.  I lived with my grandparents much of the time, and I had the benefit of their life experiences dating back to the late 1800's.  I loved climbing trees, playing in the dirt, dancing, and singing.  At 73, I still miss those days!

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My maternal grandma, Libby ( Elizabeth) was born 1913 she lived 85 years wow that Woman did everything, she went to Grade 8th never graduated cause I believe she had to find work for her family, Her Mom and Dad came from Scotland ..First, they came to America through New York on Ship from what I believe...Then settled in Chicago Illinois where her Sister Jean was born and then they made their home in Donora Pennsylvania...Then my Grandma was born her midwife last name was Snow ...So my Grandma's middle name was Snow but I'm not sure I wanted to be born in them days life was tight with money my Grandma worked on the Railroad when she met my Grand-dad never knew that would brew a romance between them two and my Grand-dad was also a Deputy Sheriff for our County after he retired from the Railroad but my Grand-dad was kind to save money cause he knew a rainy day would come and it sure did when my Grandma took sick with Alzheimer's Disease but he survived throat cancer took time off from work in his earlier years than later went back to work as Deputy Sheriff ...He always told me about obeying the laws cause he saw a lot with criminals and he also worked with the Yablonski killers happen in Centerville Pa /Coal Center PA yes my Maternal Grandparents was good to all of us and when they took sick ... I was there for them and I would do it all over again for them I love memories of them all...When my Grandma retired from the Railroad then she went cleaning peoples houses and she would take Iron clothes and she cleaned the local Bar but my Grandma was amazing Woman.

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