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This type of question comes up a lot on Blurtit, and the Montgomery Ward UHT J model seems an especially popular make. 

The obvious place to start looking or a manual would be with Montgomery Ward themselves, you can reach them on their helpline 877-784-2836

Their website offers a select number of manuals at wards.com/custserv too.

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Lots of manuals are available online for free but it seems like your Dressmaker Sewing Machine Model S-2402 is one of the few manuals not readily available online.

Sewusa.com offers the following information from the manual for free:

Zakiya Media
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You can find a copy of the manual for the Pfaff Hobbymatic 917 on ManualOwl.com for free.

Other places might have it too, but this is the only one that I know for sure does have it. You can also check out U-Manual.com, SewingMachineManual.com and the Pfaff website itself to … Read more

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You can find step by step instructions on how to thread the New Home Model 532 sewing machine here on SewUSA.com. 

You'll also find out how to take out the bobbin case, and wind thread on to the bobbin.

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Don't worry, there are plenty of specialist sewing sites and technical manual sites online that can help you find a manual for a Brother VX1250 sewing machine, or at least point you in the right direction. 

Remember the VX1250 shares a manual with Brother's 1140 model, so try searching for a 1140 as well, to double … Read more

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Despite its English-sounding name, Universal sewing machines come from Japan, and were copies of American makes such as Singer and Brother. 

The postwar US government allowed such blatant patent infringements in order to boost the shattered Japanese economy. If you are missing the manual for your Univesal De Luxe, a US sewing machine manual of the … Read more

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The 'New Home' brand of sewing machines was bought by a Japanese company, Janome, in 1960. Despite this, Janome has a website specifically for US customers. 

Janome.com is their main website, and they even have a Facebook page too (https://www.facebook.com/JanomeSewingMachines)

The Memory 7 Model 5000 was the first sewing machine … Read more
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Well, well! The owner/instruction manual for the Tailor Professional Model 834 sewing machine proved very difficult to track down.

After much Googling searching of sewing and haberdashery forums I have found that no such manual exists. This is because the Tailor Professional 834 sewing machines are actually the same machines as the Singer 834.

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The free manual for the Singer Touchtronic 2000 Memory Machine is available for free download on the Singer website. 

It is available in PDF so you can view online, download to your computer and print when you are ready, all for free. 

In it you will learn the different parts of the machine, how to thread … Read more

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You can find the instruction manual for the Juki MO-816 class DD4 Industrial Overlock Machine on the manufacturer's website.

It's a PDF so you can download and print or just view it online.  The 15-page document shows you how to thread the machine, install different needles and presser foots and how … Read more

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I think Montgomery Ward went out of business in 2001, unfortunately - this will make it much trickier to track down information on your particular sewing machine. The "1940" in your model number refers to the year in which it was made, which makes it over 70 years old - no wonder it's difficult to … Read more

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Craft-lovers are usually pretty easy to buy for, actually! There are loads of things you could them give as gifts, regardless of how much you're willing to spend. Things To Keep In Mind When Buying Gifts
  • If you're buying something obvious - like paintbrushes for an artist - you'll want to make sure that you're … Read more
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I have a vintage .zig zag madel azz from japan works,and have the hard case plus the orgional manual,little worn on the manual any idea whats its worth??..ping in color all markings and emblems are perfect.. Thanks.. [email protected]