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Easy enough to do. A shower curtain might be a cheap and easy solution you'll have some privacy. Those air purifiers can be noisy. Make sure to test that before buying. And check out the replacement costs on the filter.

Gotta get that room mate to clean up their act though. You can only … Read more

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Have you tried embracing that which makes up YOU!?

I have seen so many people that can only identify as a couple or THINK they need someone. You need to first be comfortable with just being you and you ALONE. Only then should you even consider looking for someone else. If you do decide to look … Read more

star gazing
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Sorry for the long post in advance but I can relate to you! Everyone's just together nowadays, whether they are happy or not. Well firstly I need to say, no matter what, always make sure to remind yourself, "I have standards. Let's not get desperate, because we deserve the best we can do for ourselves."Read more

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Don't feel sad stay close to Jesus and your prayers will be answered i know how it feels to be lonely and this time of the year with all the holidays coming i feel lonely cause i loss lot of my family all i have is my cousins but i try to pray in hopes … Read more

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Lol! I love how you got a male answer and a female answer! 😅 Now I will give you a mom answer. We are so proud of you Nice Girl. You are such a joy to have to this site. Your "innocence" is a breath of fresh air in a world full of ads and … Read more