Anonymous asked
How can I tell if my coworker likes me?

This is the backstory:

So we all work together. Let's call my crush Adam, and his friend Jerry. They're both 18. And I'm 22. Jerry and I were playing a game called "marry, sleep with, and kill". It's a game where the person gives you three people's names (we used people that we work with) and you pick who you would marry, sleep with or kill. And it EVERY single time that he would give me the three names, he would almost always include Adam. Then later on, me and Jerry were throwing out trash together and Jerry said something about a new manager that just started. And I admitted that the new manager was pretty attractive. He started laughing and then asked me to rank the guys who work here. I started off with the cute new manager, then when I was around 3rd place, Jerry was like, "3rd is my friend Adam?"  

Later on, a customer hit on me while me and Jerry were on break. And I turned him down. I later told Jerry it was because the customer was too old for me and my limit was 20 years old to 27. Then Jerry said "No. It's 18 to 27".  

Does Jerry know I like Adam? Or did Adam say anything about me to Jerry? I don't think I've made it Obvious that I like Adam.

Also. On two occasions, Adam stood really close to me. Like, I could feel his chest on my shoulder. And on one of those occasions, I had my hand on a cooking tray (were both cooks) and he put his hand over mine and left it there until I said something about it. He had also volunteered to help me take out the trash, but they ended up sending him to do something else. And Jerry ended up helping me.