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Are you asking how to get to be a US citizen if you are from another country? You do not need any military service for that. They would need to apply for residential visa and if granted they would need to apply for citizenship and if they qualify take the tests. Once they pass the … Read more

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Honda claim the transmission oil doesn't require to be changed if not you use the passport under severe conditions. There is a drain plug and a smaller fill plug on the underside of the transmission. Pump Dexron3 fluid up into the fill plug until fluid spills out the fill plug. Honda wants the transmission checked … Read more

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This site should give you all the info you need to get a passport.

Everything You Need To Know About Getting A New Passport - PCMA

How to Apply for a Passport

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A few years ago I only needed a passport to fly internationally.. Now I need one just to drive over the border into the U.S. I won't be doing that anymore though if the scary guy with the bad hair wins the presidency :p

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The United States Refugee Admissions Program (USRAP) is a consortium of federal agencies and nonprofit organizations working together, both overseas and domestically, to identify and admit qualified refugees for resettlement into the United States.

US Refugee Admissions Program (USRAP) Frequently Asked

www.state.gov ›

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In the UK, one is permitted to have dual nationality by [but not limited to] jus sanguinis, to obtain citizenship if at least one of the child's parents have citizenship in the UK.
This is also permitted in Australia, given that one has an Australian citizen parent at the time of one's birth and if … Read more

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I just went to US last year, and they gave me only 3 months for staying there. Normally for tourism or for visiting family they just allow for 3 months. But you can go to internet to the US's site, you 'll know how much time you should have on your passport for travelling there. … Read more