Donald Trump's Hair Is Lovely

May we do a different take on your question, please? Let's make it into a story, instead.

Now, the wolves were afraid of the multi-faceted farmer, because, unbeknownst to the farmer's wife, the farmer would wander deep into the forest, just after dusk, every other evening. He wore a wolf mask, and many times, he would … Read more

Echo Jones
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It means he thinks his girlfriend is a troll and he wants her to come along and crawl back under her Bridge..Duh!!!!

shami vad
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Monera is an biological kingdom.the Monera kingdom are the most plentiful out of all five kingdoms. The first kingdom was of bacteria.The second division of the blue-green algae.It recently considered the Prokaryote kingdom.The Monera was too diverse of a kingdom is considered as a single kingdom.