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Well, remember how the refrigerator cools food.

It removes the heat from the air in the closed, discrete space within the refrigerator and "pumps" it into the kitchen.

So no matter how you rig it up, whatever heat you remove from the room the refrigerator is in goes right back into the room.

If you manage to exhaust … Read more

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Electricity has changed life in the modern world as we know it. Everything is digital now. Computers and electronic devices use electricity to operate.

Climate control in living areas requires electricity. Air conditioning and Heat are examples of climate control. Entertainment uses electricity. Sound equipment, lighting, and if it is television there is transmitting equipment … Read more

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If you are asked the interview question, "Do you make mistakes at work?" You answer has to be yes. There is just no way a human being can be perfect all the time and never make any mistakes. So the key thing to do is to explain how you make mistakes and how you avoid … Read more

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Depends on how any existing wiring has been done.  I'll just describe the procedure for one of several options (based on all new components-no existing wire in place to either light, and a new box with new power feed coming in): The hot (usually black) coming into the box from the circuit breaker can be split … Read more
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Ok can be done but will still need two 12/3 romex to center box for 4 way with one coming from hot/switch box and the other going to the outer 3 way,  The nuetral or white wire from the 12/3 going to center box will pass completely thru to last 3 way where it becomes … Read more