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It's more like another reason not to be with family over the thanksgiving holiday. It is a thursday-Friday sale as it occurs on thursday-Friday, whether that is absolutely accurate depends on your definition of Friday sale.. Ie. Is it all of Friday or is it only part of Friday and must it only occur on … Read more
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Depends on who you are and what you value. For the majority of people a lack of finance would put a strain on the relationship, but it depends on the person as people can be quite surprising.
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You just need to surround yourself with the right people. Having the right clan will make you impervious and if they try to do you any harm physically, just show them how diverse your clan is. Just make sure your clan is diverse enough so that no generalities can be made. Good luck!
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Most likely you are being bullied because your previous friends think that you feel as though you are better than them. In this case it is better that you ignore them. I have not felt this as people who I refuse to hang out with any longer I usually distance myself from over a long … Read more
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Quick tips for sailboats. Most boats are built the same, as to avoid cheating during races. Having said that both boats have the exact same qualities, but the Vanguard is 30 pounds lighter, meaning it will go faster then a PS2000 club 420. This means that you'll be able to sail the VG better in … Read more
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In the first equation, change it to y=3x+2 (move 3x to the right of the equal sign, and then divide by -1, since it is now -y). Equation #2 should now be 5y=-6x+24


Substitute for x

5(3x+2)=-6x+24 eliminate parentheses with the distributive property
15x+10=-6x+24 combine like terms (x)
21x+10=24 eliminate constant (+,-)
21x=14 eliminate coefficient (*,/)
X=2/3 (: Plug … Read more
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You can grow pretty much any rose in a pot or a garden. The trick is to make sure the soil is good, your watering schedule is regular, you prune every year, and fertilize every spring. Remember, every area has it's own "hardiness zone". This means without knowing your zone, it's difficult to give you … Read more
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Hun, we all have insecurities and problems within oneself but, come on... Me and you both know that this question was silly. Maybe you should seek surgery, which cost ...ALOT of money, maybe try pills that enhance breast growth( consult your doctor/parent FIRST,(you wouldn't want any bad side effects), stuff tissue in your bra. Lol … Read more
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A milligram (mg) is a measure of mass. A millilter (mL) is a measure of volume. The translation between mass and volume is given by the density of the substance. For a substance such as water, with a density near 1 mg/mL over a wide range of temperatures and pressures, 10 mg is about 10 mL.