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Saurabh there are several ways for increasing traffic to a page. You will need to follow all the possible ways at a time to get the best out of it. For example Search Engine Optimization is the free way that can bring free targeted visitors to your blog.

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Go to Settings and click on "Labs" and Enable the option "Undo Send".

After activating the feature, Go back to the "Settings" and scroll down to select the time period to recall a email. You can set from 5 sec to 30 sec.

Make sure the option "Enable Undo Send" is ticked under the "General" tab.

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I use Gmail because it loads faster, allows me to send instant messages, attachments can be inserted via google drive, mails are classified in three main tabs which allows me to easily read the important emails.

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There are number of ways one can use to monetize a website and it all depends on how much traffic the website is receiving. It also depends on the nature and location of the traffic.

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Share your video on your facebook account, twitter account, google plus and any other social media account where you participate the most.

Also try to rank your video in Google for your targeted keywords so that more people can watch it. If your video is worth watching then chances are that viewers will want to … Read more