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Move on....I know that sounds hard but she played you. She just wanted to be friends with benefits so she had someone to mess around with. And now that she likes someone else I think you've lost any chance of getting her back. Sorry.

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The notebook when the loving couple dance as the wife "remembers" her husband for a few minutes briefly, then her mind leaves her again (Alzheimer's). She yells at him to GET OUT & screams for help hysterically, accusing and fighting her husband. Her extremely loving husband weeps as he can do nothing to help and … Read more

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Just walk up to him and lay it on him! Don't worry about which lip, just kiss them both! Works muuuch better that way! Have fun! But not too much! Lol!

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It sounds to me like Instagram is not recognizing your number for some reason.

There are a couple of things you can try out:

  1. Try adding the international dialing code to your cell phone number. For example, in the US it would be +1
  2. If, for some reason, Instagram is not able to send an automated text message … Read more
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Oh wow, I'm sorry to hear he stood you up. Why did he seem scared? That he had upset you? That is a sign that he at least cares. I would give him one more chance, but don't put too much pressure or expectation on it. Tell him casually you have another night free and … Read more

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I know how bad acne medicines can dry out your skin! I started and now own my own health and beauty care business and make a lot of acne care products that people are LOVING! If you want to take a peek at my products visit my store on I have a lot of … Read more