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I have no idea, but I don't think its fair. Especially as, in your example, you cannot control your height but you can control your weight, yet those are both very real things that people say.

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That was what I intended. Men are called jerks for saying they wouldn't date fat women (even though weight can be lost) but if a woman says she doesn't date short men that is acceptable even though it is judging a book by it's cover all the same (and height cannot be changed)
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The problem is that once you start blocking content of which you disapprove the door has been opened to block all manner of content -- especially political dissension.

If one group thinks a particular subject is reprehensible there will be others who consider it valid and legitimate -- and that applies to porn.

Give religious fundamentalists the … Read more

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They are doing many things and providing many skills... but mainly I just find it unusual that an country made entirely of indigenous people are now all of a sudden so hostile towards outsiders. Especially people of Latin American descent as we were at least on this continent before the white Europeans