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Depends on what you exactly want to get
out of hacking. There are basically two types of hacking Voice hacking and Data hacking. 

Voice hacking is where someone can access remotely your voicemail
messages. Where data hacking includes viewing the emails, contacts, texts and information. 

Programmers have the method for misleading your portable sign to a false cell station. Malware inside … Read more

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To read text messages from iPhone backup first you need to installed iExplorer. 1.iExplorer can load, read and export text messages that are either on your phone or ones that have been saved in an iTunes Backup already on your computer. 2.To access text messages on an iPhone, open iExplorer and connect your iPhone … Read more

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Steps to print out text messages from Sony android phones are

Step 1.Connect your Sony android to PC
Follow the below instruction to enable USB debugging:

1) For Android 2.3 or earlier: Enter "Settings" < Click
"Applications" < Click "Development" < Check "USB debugging".
2) For Android 3.0 to 4.1: Enter "Settings" < Click "Developer options" < Check "USB debugging".
3) For Android … Read more

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Step1-Connect the USB data cable to the cell phone and an empty USB port on the computer.

Step2-Click the "Import pictures and videos" option in the AutoPlay window, then the"Import Settings" link.

Step3-Click "Browse" and select a folder on your computer in which to save the photos from the cell phone. Alternatively, leave the default "My Pictures" destination folder selected.

Step4-Click the … Read more

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If you are using Windows PC then follow the guide below so that you can able to check iPhone messages on your pc

Launch the Mac program and scan iPhone Backup files-- All your iTunes backup files of iOS devices will be displayed on the main interface

Preview iPhone text messages-- To extract SMS only, you can just simply click to … Read more

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Following steps can be helpful to transfer pictures from iPhone to PC

  • Plugin your iPhone to the computer without iTunes running
  • Wait for a popup asking you what you want to do with  the device
  • Select “View Content”
  • Find your photos through the folders that are displayed
  • Copy the images from Windows as usual


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Its very simple to reset iPhone clock my friend

Step1: Launch Settings from your device

Step2: Select General

Step3: Select date and Time

Step4: Make sure you have “Set automatically” switched to off

Step5: Set your time zone.

Step6: Set your own time

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Following are my are tactics to get more Followers on Twitter

1.  Be Funny and Witty----- People like people who can make them laugh. Go figure :-)

2.  Create Curiosity—Use rehash which is the easiest way to create curiosity

3.  Be Interesting----- You have got to introduce your followers to people, places, or ideas they may not have heard about.

4.  If you want to … Read more

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There were two groups within parents who say appropriate age to get cell phone for child. 20% parents from US said 10 is the right age
while 85% parents says aged 14 to 17 is the right age. Pediatricians says that they have growing evidence that cell phones especially those that allow kids to text, can … Read more

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Its is possible to transfer music from flash drive to iTunes by following instructions
1.  Insert flash drive into USB port on your PC

2.  Open iTunes

3.  Click Advanced Tab. Check the box beside “copy files to iTunes media folder when adding to library”. If it is already checked then click “OK”

4.  Select “File” from menu bar, … Read more

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If you are talking about pre-installed applications like Calendar, Photos, Calculator, Mail etc. Then you cannot delete it. Because inbuilt applications cannot be uninstalled.  But you can try this--- go to main menu > click on settings >click on applications> then click on manage > click on all tab >click on app which you want … Read more