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I guess love means something different to each person, but to me it's all about unconditional kindness and caring. Loving someone or something means wanting to look out for them, without expecting some sort of "reward" in return.

There are also lots of different "types" of love: A mother who loves her baby, two lovers who … Read more

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Despite the name, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome also known as myalgic encephalomyelitis and post viral fatigue syndrome is so much more than being tired. It is a severe neuro immune disease. Below is the clinical definition your doctor should use to evaluate you for this disease. Even if you do not meet this criteria, you should … Read more
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Is it a medical condition? Sometimes insomnia is caused by stress and bad lifestyles. Some of the things you can do is
a) Exercise and watch what you eat - just eliminating all the unnecessary junk and eating more white meats and veggies will make you feel a million times better. Even a simple walk … Read more
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Sometimes when the connection quality isn't good, it turns off the video. Especially at peak time. Sometimes just restarting your computer can help sort out the problem. Also try re-installing Skype. If none of these works, check out the webcam app itself. Make sure it's working and the right camera is selected on Skype.

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You grow out of it. Trust me, adding more chemicals, taking more medicines is like applying make up everyday. It destroys your skin to an extent. Just invest in a good soap free facewash (I use Cetaphil and swear by it) and make sure you wash your face with a few times a day. You … Read more

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It depends on the likes and dislikes of the groom and bride. Some of the most beautiful weddings are the most simple ones. My favorite is 'light' where there are fairy lights and candles and sparklers. When you're stuck, though, Pinterest can be a real savior. Here are a few ideas - … Read more

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Ooh. I love making movie lists for people so bear with me while I ramble (I've linked to trailers of the movies - just in case you need convincing)

1. Vantage Point - The same story about an assassination attempt is shown from the points of view of different people. It can annoy … Read more

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Active Worlds, Blue Mars, Club Cooee, Real Realms and Avatar Hangout are just some of the free websites that you can go on and enjoy where you are going to be playing in a virtual world. As there are many different types of websites and virtual worlds, you will find that you will have to … Read more