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Here's a known fact: Everyone around you sees you 20% more beautiful than you see yourself. They stare at you because you are beautiful and womanly and attractive- as all women  are!

Don't bring yourself down honey, it makes you seem urging for attention! Just go with it and don't wait till your friends say that cute guy … Read more

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It's a sci - fi novel set in 2540. That's basically all I can give you about the plot. You said it was set in London, didn't you? So rather than thinking of it as a boring book set no where near your time in a foreign country, think of it as a book for … Read more

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    $20.00                She should get $5.79 back

-  $15.21                Mike j added extra tax, as the question said                      ______                  'Including tax'

    … Read more

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Maybe this girl didn't have a lot of friends before. You should try to get to know her - maybe you two might have more in common than you think. Also, just because she's in the spotlight just now, doesn't mean that you're other two friends have forgotten you :) Hope I helped.

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What was your situation? Maybe you are just uncomfortable talking to people like me. Could be from being abused, but that only works if you were actually physically abused. Were you? Plus Aspergers is a lifelong condition so if you want take the test below to see if you have it please do.