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I'd say short of wiggling your bare feet in their face with a hopeful look on your face, there's not an awful lot you can do to invoke a tickling attack...

Maybe you could try talking about how ticklish you are, and the other person might try tickling you to test it out.

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Here are my reccomended youtubers- GAMING-- SkyDoesMinecraft...TheDiamondMinecart...Ali-A (also see, More Ali-A, Ali-A's new channel)...Famous Youtubers- Ihascupquake(I believe)...PewDiePie...Smosh...TheFineBros (my favorite)...EpicMealTime...and that's pretty much my fav youtubers. Leave a comment if I missed a good one :)

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All of your description perfectly matches the game: Where's My Water! The only part I am not really fond of is the fill in paint part and what year Where's My Water was made. 

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