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Put them in your DVD CD-Rom and download them in order. Once you have the first one in, it will come on autoplay and give you instructions on what to do. If it doesn't come on, click Computer and you'll see that there is a disc in your player. Double click it and click Open, … Read more

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Here are 5 ways you can use to improve your writing skills:

1. Try rewriting a number of newspaper and magazine articles that you read: In the process, challenge yourself to write a stronger and more to-the-point headline and content and then ask someone to compare the two pieces of writing and let you know what … Read more

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Here are my reccomended youtubers- GAMING-- SkyDoesMinecraft...TheDiamondMinecart...Ali-A (also see, More Ali-A, Ali-A's new channel)...Famous Youtubers- Ihascupquake(I believe)...PewDiePie...Smosh...TheFineBros (my favorite)...EpicMealTime...and that's pretty much my fav youtubers. Leave a comment if I missed a good one :)

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Hi Hannah,

I don't think it's that weird, considering the fact that, as you said, you only feel attracted to them (it's not like you go out chasing them).

Some people like to ponder way too much about this thing and think that the main reason a woman likes older men is that she hadn't a strong … Read more

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I know, and I'm not going after older guys I'm just attracted to them. I would never go out with someone 2 years older than me let alone 20! :P