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If you ban all extreme sports, people will just ride down hills in shopping carts. You can't stop people from finding their adrenalin fix :)

Also you can discuss the morality of illegalizing something that (usually) can only hurt the person that decides to do it.

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I think the problem is that you wont get any insurance money when your house burns down if you used PVC. While it might not be very dangerous if you bury the pipes deep enough. This might differ per place and per insurance company.
Insurance companies have strict rules and if you divert from them they'll … Read more
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It is not recommended that you use PVC piping for a propane line. Using PVC piping would be highly dangerous if a fire were to occur, as the pipe would burst and cause the propane gas to flow out and explode. Instead. You should use either copper piping or galvanized piping. Flex lines and rubber … Read more
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I personally think we will/would always look for ways to connect stuff and people. I think we would still have bluetooth on phones for instance, so we could still wirelessly connect a headset or a speaker to a phone. It makes sense that we would also use that to connect 2 phones (and thereby 2 … Read more

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I'm going to need a bit more information than that.

Is it only a single download? If so, are you downloading a file with your browser or with other software? Is this happening to several downloads within a single piece of software like a BitTorrent client? Or are you also unable to browse the web in … Read more