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When we talk about the term 'simple pleasures', we are usually talking about sentimental, inexpensive, organic and natural experiences and pleasures. These are the smallest things that make us happy, and don't require much effort or thought.

A lot of simple pleasures are in the line of love and communication. These release a plethora of … Read more

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My simple pleasures in life are: acting crazy sometimes, like doing crazy things, talking to the boy I love, dancing with all my energy, writing poems, singing, dreaming and imagining when I'm alone and creative designing on paper when I'm bored and that's it! Hey and chatting with my friends too!

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One of my most simple pleasures in life is spending time with my dog, Sierra. She brightens every day of my life. I love to go outside and sit on the porch at night to gaze at "God's lesser light"  - the moon. I love the smell of fresh-cut grass. I love going on picnics … Read more

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Don't. Sorry for being judgemental but that's not a question and no one really cares about your plans to go into the porn industry, but it really does bother me. Think carefully before you go into something like that. Is it money, joblessness or do you just feel like it's your calling?. You seem like … Read more

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This takes me back to primary school, when groups of girls would taunt that they were better than boys or vice versa lol.

But it really depends on what areas you are talking about. There are some things girls/women are generally better at than boys/men, and there are some things boys/men are generally better at than … Read more

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I think the world would be ...worse...that depends on what kind of woman would be ruling, a bad or good.  If a bad then worse and if good then good! But you know all these things are just imaginable becoz this can't happen. Both the genders should be on an equal position - there can … Read more

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The Kinsey Institute reports that the average age of first intercourse is 16 years old for males and 17 years old for females. 

This does not mean that it is wrong to remain a virgin, nor does it mean it is wrong not to remain a virgin.  If/When you have sex should be your choice.  … Read more

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It is actually a lot more common than you might think.

The thing is that sex is becoming something to tick off from a list, an accomplishment or a goal instead of an experience to share with someone you care about. Because of this, people feel pressured to do it just to conform to what are … Read more

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I personally think we will/would always look for ways to connect stuff and people. I think we would still have bluetooth on phones for instance, so we could still wirelessly connect a headset or a speaker to a phone. It makes sense that we would also use that to connect 2 phones (and thereby 2 … Read more