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I took the opportunity to read the bible in my spare time. It has helped me in every situation or decision I have had to make. Most importantly it has allowed me to get to know more about Jehovah, his son Jesus. And has helped me learn the answers to question like why are we … Read more

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Duh?!? It's not even possible...Look, when you fall in love in the internet, there's no assurance that he/she loves you. You're just confused with your feelings, because someone cares for you in a while. When the connection and your communication ends, the what you called "relationship" also ends. :D
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Take up a hobby that interests you. If you don't know what interests you, find out! Start small... Try learning to bake something simple, maybe take up a new form of exercise that doesn't feel like work and that you actually enjoy doing, for instance dancing of some kind.

Study about something you've always wanted … Read more

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Well, first of all... If he says he loves you, why is he still in a relationship with someone else?

The fact that he kissed you and said he wants to have sex with you, doesn't actually show that he loves you. He certainly likes you but let's not confuse lust … Read more