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Yes. Joshua was under orders from God to vanquish the Canaanite inhabitants in the Promised Land, because they practiced extremely degraded sex worship and idolatrous, demonistic rites, and were polluting the land with immorality, disease and bloodshed. (Deut. 20:15-18; Lev. 18:24-30) Jericho was the first city that the army of Israel encountered in the land.

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God doesnt have a 'job'.  God IS.  He Created us all and we are His.  The Bible is a series of records of the history or Gods people, of the Christian church and of Gods purpose for us and in us recorded by people chosen by God to record them over the centuries.  WE, as … Read more

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God cannot do what is not actually possible to be done, like creating a two-sided triangle, or a married bachelor. Just because words can be strung together this way does not make the impossible possible - these things are contradictions, they are truly impossible in reality. Now, what about this rock? A rock would have … Read more
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In a sense, Yes. The bible does say that man was charged with caring for the earth and all its animals. (Psalm 8:6-8; 115:16) Then, too, how humans carry out their responsibility toward animals is also important. God’s Word says: “The righteous one takes care of his domestic animal.” (Proverbs 12:10) This definitely would include … Read more

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There is only one true God,and many false God's according to 1 Corinthains 8:5,6 and Satan is behind all false god's., 2Corinthains 4:4 says,"among whom the god of this system of things has blinded the minds of the unbelievers,so that the illumination of the glorious good news about the Christ,who is the image of God … Read more

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Country fried steak with mashed potatos slathered with white country gravy.   

Country fried steak sandwich

Southern Fried catfish with hushpuppies

Fried catfish sandwich

Pinto beans and cornbread

Chow-chow (sweet green tomato relish)

Fried green tomatos

Fried chicken

Bar-B-Que - both types: Sweet brown sugar based and more tomato/vinegar based.  We love our barbecue

Mac n cheese

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It depends on what you mean. Spoiled can be taken two ways, the general way of thinking about being spoiled is more of an attitude. You expect things and feel entitled. When you don't get your way, you may throw a tantrum and get angry. The other is more general, just being someone who is … Read more

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I have heard it said in the past, "Obama put this nation in the toilet and Hilary Clinton will pull the lever." I know you're Israeli so I'm not sure how much you know of American news, but Hilary Clinton has proven more corrupt than Obama ever was. 

Only 46% of Americans even believe she is … Read more