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Highly subjective. Some people prefer big butts, others don't. That's pretty much it - you either like it, or don't. :)

If this is some kind of a "let's see how many people answer yes" quiz, then I'll go with unattractive. Not gross. Just not appealing to me.

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Whether Kim Kardashian's butt is real or not has been a topic of widespread discussion. But most of these discussions usually favour the latter, i.e. It's probably not real.

A lot of the arguments 'for' it suggest that, it is not unheard of for a woman to have an unusually large posterior, which is a fair … Read more

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Sounds like you have what guys prefer......why would you want to lose what you got? Myself, I'm getting boobs in a year.....seriously you sound very well made. I wouldn't want to lose a small waist.
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You forgot legs :-) All guys are different, some like boobs, some butt and some like long legs.

It's the same with us girls really, some of us prefer tall guys, some like slim, others go for chubbier men or guys with muscle.

Also I think both sexes have a preference when it comes to … Read more