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Believe it or not, the only ship left that sunk an enemy ship is the U.S.S Constitution during the war of 1812. Although it's not really active anymore, it's the only one left ! The U.S.S Simpson was the last modern U.S. Navy ship to sink another enemy ship but has long been decommissioned.

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I'm excited!  I've only been able to watch two episodes; one with Mikey and one with Joe, but I loved both of them!  My brother doesn't like MST3K, and I don't usually watch TV by myself, so I haven't really had a chance to watch another episode.  Anyway, I'm very excited for the new season!

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I appreciate my freedom.
The list of aspects that I would change is too long to list here.
This is not the site to air my political points of view and my perspectives on them. It would only lead to an argumentative exchange of comments.

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A dog. Otherwise my brother and I had everything we wanted. I look back and am amazed and somewhat disturbed by how spoiled we both were.