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My mother decided that pets were the perfect gifts for my children.  She filled my house with birds, fish, cats, hamsters and a snake.  It was a terrible burden for a working mother.  When I refused the anole and made her keep it at her house, the practice stopped.

Please be sure that she and her … Read more

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Live animals are not a great gift .. Without knowing what kind of care that animal would get after the fact.  A puppy takes a lifetime of commitment .. Not something YOU can assure if you gift an animal.

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I think this is a lovely idea but only if she has wanted a pet for a long time and will keep it forever. Make sure your friend is prepared and able to look after it and talk to the people they live with to make sure they are happy to have a dog in … Read more

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Just take in less calories than your body need, go to the gym or workout at home for 60 minute.

Stop eating after 8pm because your metabolism is low after this time

Make weekly prize (cheat meal) it helps your to burn more calories.

Watch your weight and size also, it will motivate you alot

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Don't be tempted to try so-called "vegetarian" dog foods, unless you are prepared to become an expert in the canine digestive system. It may just be possible to feed your dog on veg only, but it probably won't be happy, and you run the risk of all sorts of dietary problems. Some vegetable matter is … Read more