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Find something you love, and go from there.  Or you could choose something you already know a lot about (and enjoy), and go for a career in that field.


If you like science, and helping people, you could be a doctor

If you like designing buildings (Lego, Minecraft), you could be an engineer or an architect.

If you … Read more

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Most of us work it out as we go along. The things I was interested in when I was younger, have changed now I'm older. Either do something you enjoy, as you spend a large percentage of your life at work or, work at something that pays well so you can afford hobbies and holidays.

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There has to be something you're very interested in doing and/or love to do, maybe as a hobby, or something to do. This is the key to happiness in the work place, if you can be doing what you love most and if youre happy then the rest will surely follow.  So do some thinking … Read more