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I don't think that it's a good idea to ban junk food completely. When you're a kid you want to eat everything that isn't home-made. And if you forbid your kid to eat what it wants (at least from time to time), if you restrain him, it will all come back on a later stage. … Read more

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I have a mild case of OCD when it comes to cleaning - everything has to be on its place and spotless. But it's obvious that I can't clean every day, besides I hate cleaning xD

So I try to do other things - go out with friends, read books, watch movies etc. It helps a … Read more

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I loooove grilled cheese sandwich too. It's simply the best. And now that it's cold again and winter is coming it's even more appropriate to make it. Great breakfast idea for every weekend.

I use this guide here:

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Um... Let's see. I cleaned the whole kitchen and throw away a lot of stuff. Cleaned the freezer and the oven (It's a dreadful task, but still) and all other appliance I have. Then I got to the store and bought cocoa, herbal tea and all kinds of delicious things to make. I bought a … Read more