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This is in the realm of theory.

The current theory of the Big Bang says that the universe is expanding away from a point of origin, which suggests a boundary or horizon moving outward,...but into what?  

It is not possible to confirm infinity. Considering the vast scale of the universe, compared to our finite ability … Read more

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They are beautiful, well that is what I think.  A pod of them swim around the shores where I live.  I support the WDC in the protection of the dolphins and to donate specifically to this Pod of dolphins down in Channory Point.  POD Protector I am. I am a member of this charity … Read more
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Although there are lots of different breeds of dolphin, they all look quite similar and have the same distinct features. Here are some pictures that best show the different types of dolphin and what they look like.

Bottlenose Dolphin

Striped Dolphin

Pacific Dolphin

River Dolphin

Dolphins come in different colors

Dolphins are … Read more