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You might have had your reasons for accusing him, but you did this not only once, but twice. In addition, he is allowed to talk to other girls, just as you are able to talk with other guys.

You are not ready to be in a relationship if you cannot get a grip on your insecurities, … Read more

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People LOVE being listened to. People even find good listeners attractive. They have a sense of fulfillment and happiness when they find someone who simply listens to them and shows interest in what they have to say. So, ask him about his views in life, artistically, spiritually, you can range from deep to superficial questions … Read more

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If she's shy then maybe she's trying not to be so obvious about her crush on you. Or she just wants to get to know you better.

Don't just ask people online! Ask her, or if you "can't" then just talk to her and look for signs of nervousness.

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Hey, I'm just about your age and I'm going through the same thing!If you want to become an author, then that's fantastic! (I'm really glad someone my age wants to become an author just like me!)

First, you need to find out what type of writing you want to do. If you love the idea … Read more

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Although I'm not a writer but a heavy reader, I think a good strong Prologue will get people to really grab it and want them want to read the whole book ! Put your all into a great Prologue and more people will be grabbed and want to read your story or book!