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It's probably because he likes you and wants to play with you. Puppies do a lot of "play fighting" (some married couples do the same thing) and they romp around biting each other. Go watch them in any pet shop and you'll see they all do it. The problem is that puppies' teeth are very … Read more

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I think humans should use computers a soon as they are able to. Since their are bad things on the web, at a young age kids should have restrictions, but once they are around 10 or earlier they should get full access to everything. The internet isn't any more dangerous than drug dealers and people … Read more

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I see that your laptop has stereo speakers.. But it will not support surround system on its own.. In this case you can make use of the AUX out port of the laptop and use it as the input of a surround speaker... Of course, the surround system will need its own power supply... When … Read more

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Legally, when you buy a song you usually buy it online, like in iTunes and other music apps.

Illegally you can torrent or pirate the songs using a bit torrent client. I use uTorrent. Visit a torrent website and download a .torrent file. Open the file in your torrent app and download the song.

My favourite torrent … Read more