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because i really really like one boy from my camp. I think he likes me back, he hugged me and hung out with me a lot. I got his number and texted him, but he isnt on his phone a lot, but its been 3 days and he still hasnt answered. But i also really … Read more

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The safest place to go do something is the street!

A while back my friend and I wanted to prank the people driving and set up a table and chairs in the middle of the road and began playing a board game. All the cars honked and were forced to turn around because we acted like … Read more

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My grandmothers neighbor is a little coo-coo, if you ask me. She's always complaining on how "loud" we are. We barely even talk! Anyway since my grandma lives in a condominium complex, the lady basically lives right next to us, we're practically separated by just a wall. We call her the lady in the closet