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Recycling is important for many reasons; saving the environment and also helping the business save costs. Lots of waste can be recycled, from paper and plastic packaging, to boxes and furniture. Organisations will either have official procedures for recycling, or will take it upon themselves to take recycling away and dispose of it at local … Read more
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It is important for my organisation to recycle because it saves organisation money. In the office, we recycle paper and plastic. When we finished with our paper documents, we shred them in the shredder. When the shredder machine is full up, we put all the shredded paper into bags and council collects them.
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Well I think it should be, but I don't believe in being charged for how much litter you have in your bins. We need to try and recycle as much as possible for the benefit of our planet and our children, and I also believe something should be done about pollution and the ozone. Man … Read more
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I agree that it's unfair and impractical to charge citizens for the waste they produce. I do, however, think that producers should be charged for the wasteful packaging they use and therefore force consumers into.

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I once saw an episode of Midsomer Murders in which Sgt Troy, having visited an aged care facility, said with horror in his voice, "Who'd want to be 90?" And his boss, DCI Tom Barnaby replied, "Anybody who's 89."

What keeps us going? Life itself.

But what keeps us happy about it? Curiosity. Enthusiasm. A zest … Read more

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I'm Twelve so... Give them facebook Take them swimming Take them shopping and let them pick something out Take them on hikes or bike rides Get them video games Get them a computer Let them do whatever they want but then check up on them. With no boundary's they'll come up with tons of ideas! … Read more