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"Mailshots" is apparently the name in the UK for what in the US is called "direct advertizing."

Rooster's link makes the following comments:

The mailshot is a targeted, personal and cost effective way to reach potential customers, catching their attention and hopefully encouraging them to buy.

Generating a targeted list of customers and potential customers will … Read more

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Hard for me to say as I rarely go near those places but I do agree that $15.00 an hour is too much money. But it will be law here soon, so there's not much we can do! Maybe it will attract more mature employees compared to most I've ever dealt with.

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I think the job should pay what the market suggests.  This position of employment is no different that all the rest. It offers a position at a certain rate .. That is the offer.

If a person needs $15 an hour paying job to support their lifestyle, they should go and find one.