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Hey, Anthony Marx.


Great site.

Some of us (including me) have pretty strong opinions on here.

Some of us (including me) occasionally back those opinions up with facts.

Most of us have a pretty good sense of humor and / or dry wit.

Don't take too much personally on here---our comments are opinions too---so you are free to judge their … Read more

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You'll see a lot of great questions and answers on this site and a lot of comical Q's & A's also. Blurtit is a great site to make friends and have some great conversations.

Welcome Anthony, have some fun and gain some info.

Anthony Marx
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Hello Anthony ! Nice to have you on blurtit. We have a nice friendly community here and this is a great site with great people. I'll message you a couple of links to videos about how to use the site. Welcome !

Rooster Cogburn.......Blurtit Administrator Team.

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Anthony your in for good answers and fun and being the refreshment king on this site if your over 21 you will receive a case of strawberry shine

Anthony Marx
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Yeah. I was playing chess against a mystery player, and after a few days we started to comment on the game. Then there were a few more personal exchanges, like where we lived etc. But after about 4 weeks, after playing a game which I won after only 7 moves, this person went off on … Read more