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There's an element of thoughtlessness (I won't call it stupidity) in the Trump phenomenon, and it's an element that exists in all countries and among the true believers in ALL political parties.

Most people (and I'm one of them) have insufficient knowledge of politics to stand above the mess and assess the issues analytically. The majority … Read more

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The only thing it tells me is that the other options are that worse.

There's Hilary Clinton, who justified the rap of a 12 year old girl years ago by saying she was "asking for it".

There's Bernie Sanders, who's gullible, a crack head, and whatever idiotic things teenagers believes, he agrees with. His ideas … Read more

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Many many!  We rescue animals that are "dumped" in the country.  We work with our vet and local "No Kill" shelter.  We provide the medical testing, shots, spay & neuter, a free starter kit, and an advertisement in the newspaper.  Those we can't find homes for, we take in ourselves.

Currently we have 5 cats and … Read more