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Easiest way? Read. A lot. And when you come to a word you want to add to your vocabulary write it down IN CONTEXT. Then revise.

By using it in context it will help you to recall the meaning when you see it somewhere else.

That's the method I used and my vocab is quite … Read more

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Most people are visual learners. So by printing out or drawing an image related to the word (on cue cards maybe?), you can remember the word. Also, make sure to not blindly memorize the vocab because you will definitely forget it in the future. Understand what the word means, relate it to an image, idea … Read more

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Hi, GRE exam is for the Students who are willing to pursue Higher studies in Abroad.

It is a 3 hour and 45mins exam which has 3 sections.

Analytical Writing, Quanti and Verbal.

The Safe score for GRE can be 315.

You must concentrate on Each sections prudently and study at least 7 hours in a day.

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GRE GRE is an abbreviation of Graduate Record Examination, which is usually opted for the higher studies, nowadays a number of universities require GRE exam for further admission into various courses that they offer. So it is necessary to undertake this test for any one who wants to do further studies or is … Read more