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To further explain I have my way of training a dog but I don't see the point in me training the dog if it's just going to be undone when the dog is taken home that evening. This puppy has no training by my MIL and I'm not one to let a dog suffer but … Read more

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So why stress yourself out here worrying about the small stuff and who really cares as long as the Baby is healthy. MILs will always be MILs so accept it and move on and anyone who their son or Daughters marry will always be wrong no matter what.  She will know the truth when the … Read more

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First off congratulations, second it looks like you're in for bumpy ride with an opinionated mother-in-law like that, just remember when your beautiful baby girl is born grandma's gonna feel kind of foolish.

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It doesn't matter what she thinks, the baby will be what it is. This is not something to have a argument over.

When the baby comes, she won't care.

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Well, I hope she defers buying anything blue for a while.

A response like "Well, that would be an interesting outcome" would probably be a good way to leave it as a possibility without having to think on your part that it is in any way likely.

Obviously, this issue will be resolved in a reasonably short … Read more