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Just take a diet root beer from him and move on ... BAM ! Get that mug root beer cos  it's good ..I had it once and I liked it . I don't really  like soda that much though ... So maybe you should get a water then.... I like sparkling water so much :) … Read more

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FROM THE WRITER:I also told him I might had been going zip lining and my friends saw him and they said he waited  10 minutes at the entrance once he saw my them.

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Don't be friends with her.  The feeling will fade, I was in the same situation once and still kinda am.  I was friends with this girl for 5 years, you will get through it :)

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It doesn't sound mean at all! In fact, I think it shows a great deal of maturity to understand what is truly best for you. There are too many good people out there that would be a better friend to you, then someone who has betrayed you and proven not to be worthy of your … Read more

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Betrayal can be hard to forgive. It's one thing I have a real problem forgiving. I think it would be best to cut all ties and not respond to this person in any way. I found in all my years that once someone betrays you, they'll do it again. Save yourself some pain and distance … Read more

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Hi I'm a girl so I'm going to answer this for you.

She most likely has a crush on you. But, it might just be the fact that she loves hanging out with you.

Try leaving little hint that you like her. Compliment her every once in a blue moon. Girls love being complimented it makes … Read more