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I see a lot of people here are putting out that line about " it is not the dog, it is the owner."

While there is some truth to that, just look at many of the people having bully breeds, it is not the whole story.

These breeds, pits, Staffordshire, and American bull dogs are all extremely … Read more

Dhirren singh Randawha

If you look at my avatar, you will see my Staffordshire bull terrier. It is a pit bull, they are one and the same. I have 3 pitbulls and all are as lovable and cuddly as any other dog. They are the most misunderstood breed who in reality, are the most loyal and gentle creatures.  … Read more

Dhirren singh Randawha
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They are two different breeds. This link will help you understand the differences.


As for being dangerous, as with any dog it depends on how they were raised. If raised by a loving owner, all dogs are capable of being loving dogs. However if you ask your insurance company, thy may see it differently and … Read more

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No dog is dangerous unless they've been badly treated or trained to be !

These breeds are essentially the same dogs but have been bred for different purposes and/or size standards since the mid 1930's. Some are even dual registered (i.e., registered as an American Pit Bull Terrier with the UKC and as an AmericanStaffordshire TerrierRead more