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For whatever reason (and "whatever reason" is more than adequate), your girlfriend no longer is comfortable with being in an intimate sexual relationship with you.

All relationships are habituating to some degree, and sexually intimate ones are probably the most habituating.

There is nothing wrong with you, but you are working on what was rather than what … Read more

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Just because she doesn't want to have sex, it doesn't mean she isn't rejecting you as a person. You said "each time".  If you know she isn't going to have sex, why do you keep asking her for it?  If having sec is important enough to you, you may decide you need to break up … Read more

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I wouldn't say something is wrong with you. Your feelings are normal but your actions are not.

Your desires are pretty normal. But you need to be aware of human design and system. Women's feelings and desires are massively stronger than men. But there are a bit of pattern to understand.

The first mistake: You … Read more