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An awkward situation means a person/or the people involved are uncomfortable with one another. When your friend said she wanted to end your friendship, it is likely because she is not comfortable with you. This does not put any blame on you or her. Some people just are not compatible, even if you thought she … Read more

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My Initial thought is that you should ask why is it awkward? What is the cause of that awkwardness. And if it can be fixed then you should fix it.

And, also, in my opinion if you truly are friends, and in your case best friends, both of you should be more honest or rather … Read more

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I am sorry to hear that. From my point of view, please try to find out whether there is misunderstanding between you. And calm down for a while. Turn friendship never be given up easily. 

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If you alone are expecting to fix it .. Then, yes.

A relationship that involves TWO people has to be fixed or repaired or healed (what ever you want to call it) by BOTH parties .. Not just one.

Sometimes, things like that can't be fixed .. but it doesn't necessarily mean it has to end.  Sometimes … Read more

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Depends on the relationship. If this person is dear to you? Then try to mend your differences or just move on . Kind of a vague question but it depends on what you see in this person. You may get mad at each other but things usually do work out in the end. Totally up … Read more