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The Advantages are;

- Increases food Availability and Amounts.

- Provides and Allows settlement.

- Allows Job Specialization.

- There is usually a constant supply of food.

- It Produces Raw Materials for Products to use.

- Some crops can be used for fuel which means Fuel availability increases.

- Some or Most crops provide Pollen for Endangered Bees

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Start with some Classes and Practice, Practice, Practice! Some ppl have a Natural talent that just needs to be built up and worked on. If you already have a Natural Talent then you can work on other things. If you are not Naturally talented then you will need to start with the Basics!

I can teach … Read more

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It depends on the day! I try to keep my hair as Healthy as possible which means not many Chemicals! I do use some every now and then but I always give my hair a Treatment after!? I do this cuz I look good and I feel good when my hair is nice and controlled!?

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Assuming you're referring to the bamboo shrimp, it might be a little tough. Most are wild caught, so even if you do a perfectly good job they can die. The basics are to have a cycled freshwater tank that meets minimum size and temperature requirements. They're filter feeders, so if you can't get a good … Read more

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Obituaries are announcements of, pronouncements upon and general descriptions concerning an individual death.

Exposes (as a noun, and with an acute accent over the last "e") is/are the delivery of previously unknown or otherwise private or hidden information about an organisation or individual.

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- They both have wings

- Both have a similar lifespan (15-20 year)

- They both spread or can spread Diseases

- Both have streamlined bodies

- Both Hunt or Search for Food


- They have separate evolutionary origins

- Eagles build Nests and lay Eggs

- Bats are considered to be Mammals and Eagles are Not

- Only one … Read more