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The Advantage is that the Company who sells the bottled water wins.

There are places on this earth where no fresh water is available, in this Areas it makes sense to use bottled Waters. Im regions with clean water it don´t make sens but the companys want to sell the water so they say … Read more

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If you want more in your relationship you have to tell him your Feelings.

Otherwise you will never know how he feels and you never can be sure if he has this Kind of Feelings for you too.

There are many reasons why a Person cann´t like another Person, i think there is nothing … Read more

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An "accumulator" in this context, is the practice of betting on a series of races (or, actually any suitable events) where any winnings from the event are placed as a bet on the next event in the series. This means that winnings increase rapidly with serial success. Thus the term "accumulator" is not, in the … Read more